Those who hunt wolves - Harrison Taylor

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The fate of nations, and humanity itself, revolves around the Blackout, the United States’ most powerful—and most enigmatic—weapon. It’s the US government’s most guarded secret . . . and the key to unthinkable control for those who know about it and want to leverage its potential for their own endeavors. When its stolen by the last remaining Wolf, a super-soldier created by a military experiment, it’s up to the three former members of a top-secret group formed to protect mankind from the dark side of technological espionage to hunt down the Wolf and get it back . . . before it’s too late. But who’s working for whom? Amidst political intrigue and an impending international crisis, the lines of loyalty blur in this action-packed thriller where no one is who they seem, and anything can happen.

Title: Those who hunt wolves
Author:  Harrison Taylor
Publisher: metal rooster publishing
Publication date: February 2022
Genre: thriller
Rating: 4 stars
ISBN: 9781737263401

When I started reading Those who hunt wolves, I noticed that from the start you get right into the action from the start, and throughout the book, that continues! There are a lot of fights going on which are described without much censor. It seems that every chapter has a twist of it’s own which keeps it interesting to keep reading!


Those who hunt wolves is written in a nice pace, sometimes things go fast as you’d expect in action-filled scenes, but there are also parts where it feels like you catch your breath and catch up for a bit; all in all the writing gave me a sense of “watching a movie.” For me it was quite comfortable to read a good amount of chapters at a time!


From the start you follow Shepherd, who at the time was an ex soldier of a secret service much like the FBI or CIA, except this group is more secretive. He’s hunting down a weapon called Blackout, but also special agents from the group, those agents are called Wolves!


The weapon is mentioned pretty early on in the book, but not described to what it is exactly, but it’s clear that there are multiple people and groups after it.


In the first few chapters it really took some paying attention to who is who, and to which faction they belong, but once you got the names remembered, it starts to become very interesting; there are a lot of twists and turns about who works for what faction, but also surprises about who (or what) some people turn out to be!


As you go through the book, you learn how all the people are connected, what the dreaded weapon is, but it’s also about word politics and how secret services operate. I enjoyed how the book combined genres as action, fantasy and science fiction together!

4 stars.


thanks metal rooster publishing for the review copy.

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